ITS Corrosion Technical Services

Material Selection & Related Jobs:
  • laboratory/in-situ Metallography (Replica) of different materials/alloys & Interpretation
  • Provide failure analysis/investigation  service .
  • Provide different mechanical testing of materials such as tensile test bending, impact, etc.
  • Review, comment and approve the material selection diagrams of Process and utility units.
  • Recommend better material and metallurgy upgradation whenever required to combat corrosion and other material degradation.
  • Heat Treating  service (Pre-heating, Post heating, Stress Relieving)
  • Provide in-situ hardness testing.
  • Provide the guidelines for Remaining Life assessment (RLA).

Equipment Cleaning:

  • Provide and witness different cleaning methods of equipment such as chemical cleaning , hydro blasting, mechanical Roding, steaming, de-oiling and de-sulphiding.
  • Provide/Supervision chemical cleaning procedure of Boiler/cooling water circuits.

Cathodic Protection/ Coating & Wrapping:

  • Design the C.P system for underground piping and tanks.
  • Assessment of the existing CP  and recommended the rectification plan whenever needed.
  • Provide the service of Close interval Potential Survey (CIPS) and Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) for underground piping.
  • Recommend and Witness application of painting system for cold/hot surfaces and under insulation for equipment.

On-Stream Corrosion Control of Process/Utility Units:

  • Prepare the corrosion control document for process units and provide the Integrity Operating Window (IOW) for each one.
  • Prepare on-stream  corrosion monitoring program and provide alarm limits for integrity parameters for all units.